Your security is our top priority! 
To help protect your online privacy and security from possible fraud and identity theft, in addition to the usual Login ID and Password a security feature has been added to improve the way you login to your online banking information. 
First time users will need to enroll by picking an image, write a brief phrase, and select three challenge questions. 
The image, called a PassMark™, and Phrase help you to identify that you are on our Web site, not a fraudulent look-alike site. Here’s how it works: 

  • You'll enter your Login ID and click Submit.
  • If we recognize the computer you are using, your PassMark™ and Phrase will be presented to you on the next page. Once you confirm your PassMark™ and Phrase, you'll know you can safely enter your Password. If you don't recognize your PassMark™ and Phrase, don’t enter your Password.
  • If we do not recognize the computer you are using, we will ask you a Challenge Question to confirm your identity and determine if you would like us to recognize this computer in the future. If you correctly answer your Challenge Question, you can proceed with login.
    It's quick and easy! And, you can rest assured that your online banking experience has been enhanced to meet today's stringent security standards. 
    Begin your enrollment now by clicking the link below! 

  • Unified Bank Customers - Click Here
    Forgot your password? 
    We can help! 

  • Enter your Login ID and click Submit
  • If prompted with a Challenge Question, answer it correctly and click Continue
  • On the PassMark screen, look for "Forgot your Password?"
  • Click the link - Forgot your Password?
  • On the following page, you must acknowledge your choice to reset the current password by clicking the Submit button
  • Always make sure your e-mail address is current! The next screen will display stating, "A new password has been e-mailed to the e-mail address associated with your login."
  • A new password should now appear in your e-mail box. Please login and change the password immediately.

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