When you enroll in mobile banking, you begin the process of Text Banking.  Just simply say Yes to 469228 and Text Banking is enabled.  Text Banking is available for any mobile device that receives SMS messages. 
There is no charge from The Citizens Bank for Text Banking.  However, you should review you mobile device plan for any fees that your service provider may charge. 
To help simplify your Text Banking experience, we recommend that you establish short 'Nicknames' for all of your accounts.  Start by logging into your Online Banking account and choose the Nicknames button under the Balances|History buttons. 
Access Text Banking by sending a text to 469228 and one of the short codes below: 

B, BAL, or BALANCE = Available Balance 
Ex. BALANCE (returns balances for all accounts) 
Ex. BAL 'nickname' (returns balances for 'nickname' account) 
DETAILS = The specified account details including: masked account number, type of account, nickname, and current and available balances. 
Ex. DETAILS 'nickname' (returns the account details for the 'nickname' account) 
Ex. TRAN 'nickname' (returns the last four transactions for the 'nickname' account) 
X, XFER, TRANSFER = Transfer funds between Bank accounts 
Ex. XFER 'amount' TO 'nickname' (transfers funds from your default account to the 'nickname' account) 
Ex. X 'amount' FROM 'nickname1' TO 'nickname2' (transfers funds from the 'nickname1' account to the 'nickname2' account) 
HELP, HELP ALL or HELP 'short code' = Help Requests 
Ex. HELP (returns contact information for the Bank) 
Ex. HELP ALL (returns a list of all short codes available) 
Ex. HELP 'short code' (returns help information for the specific 'short code' requested) 
STOP, STOP SMS, or STOP ALL = Disables Mobile Banking 
Ex. STOP (Disable mobile banking access) 
Ex. STOP SMS (Disable SMS Text Banking only) 
Ex. STOP ALL (Disables both mobile and SMS banking) 
Whether you text, like an App, or prefer the browser, we have you covered. 
  • Text Banking is not case sensitive.
  • Default account is the first account displayed on the Balances screen or returned from the BALANCE short code.
  • Mobile banking users must first be enrolled in Mobile using the full Online Banking site and responding to the text message received.  Refer to the Mobile FAQs to the right.

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