Protecting your identity is extremely important.  Below are a few actions you can take in staving off potential scammers. 
Do not write down pin numbers.  Whenever you use your pin number, shield the pin pad from onlookers.  Do not provide your PIN to others…even those you consider trustworthy! 
Secure your debit or credit card for online purchases.  When you register with MasterCard Secure Code you help ensure that you are the only party using your card online.  You will be issued a special code that must be entered for each online purchase as an extra layer of protection. 
Treat your card, pin number, and passwords as though they were cash.  Essentially, they are. 
If there is reason to believe your debit card has been compromised, we will block access until we can confirm it hasn’t been to attempt to protect your accounts.  
If you travel, work or live outside of the United States, inform us immediately so we can take appropriate measures. 
Protect your computers by employing up-to-date malware protection software. 
Use a Firewall.  Firewalls serve as a protective barrier between your computer and the Internet, preventing unauthorized access to your computer when you're online. 
Install security updates regularly, especially for your operating system.  Set up your computer to receive updates automatically, whenever possible. 
Be proactive and on guard about protecting yourself.  Check your credit report annually.  You may order online or call 1-877-322-8228 for a free copy (one free per year). 

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